Xiaomi Reveals a Fold-in-Three Smartphone

By: Taylor Stout

Xiaomi recently released a smartphone that essentially transforms into a mini-tablet by folding out two parts of its display that are folded behind its back.

The Chinese technology company, Xiaomi, revealed the foldable smartphone prototype in a post on the site Weibo. Xiaomi has promised the “double-folding” device was coming and has asked the public to help name it.

Xiaomi is a Chinese technology company that has adopted the idea of a “folding phone”, and they are asking the public to help put a name to the product. They are not the first company to have done this—Samsung and Royole have also come out with flexible-screened devices. However, they only folded at a single point. Since Xiaomi’s product folds at two different points, there is a lot more room for flaws. Ben Wood states “However, it certainly means there is an additional point of failing. The fold is typically the area where there are most likely to be problems over time.”

This trendy new device won’t be cheap, as expected, especially when the device first hits the market. And while this may be the first folding-phone with this much attention from the media, many other companies have tested or plan to test the same waters. Royole is still seeking feedback for their latest folding technology. Huawei claims they will launch a phone with a fold-out screen sometime this year. Even Motorola is discussing how they could incorporate a flexible screen into their classic flip-phone. With all of these new designs and ideas constantly being produced, what could possibly be next for smartphones?