What To Learn: Coding

By: Amanda Reichert


Do you know what coding is? Do you know the differences between HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? For something everyone comes into contact with every day, few people care to learn about coding. However, HTML, CSS, and even JavaScript are relatively easy to learn, fun to use, and can make you more marketable in the ever-expanding technological business world.


To briefly cover what coding is, you only have to know a few things. First, coding is used in apps and websites. HTML is the background code for each website. It is the backbone that constructs each page you visit. CSS is the code that adds all of the fancy colors and fonts. JavaScript is a top-tier code for design purposes. You can make animations, as well as make your website look amazing.


All three of these components are relatively easy to learn once you get started. It may seem intimidating, and there are terms that you have to know. However, once you learn one, the others will come naturally. Websites like www.codecademy.com offer free interactive courses to learn how to use HTML, CSS, and even programs like Python and Ruby, which are more advanced programs. There are also a few other websites, such as www.khanacademy.com and learn.shayhowe.com. These three sites are free and can teach you almost everything you need to know about coding.


What can you do with coding? There are many jobs that require coding as a skill, including software development, network design, data analysis, and hardware engineering. You could also work as a freelance programmer in each you can create websites or animations.


Finally, the most important reason you should learn code, or at least know that basics, is because technology is always advancing. There will always be a job for someone to create a website or design a program. This skill could be a reason you get a job. It is a great fall back idea that could land you a job in a market where a job may be hard to find.


In the end, take some time to understand how and why websites work as they do. I encourage you to take a look at one of the websites mentioned above. In the world we live in today, how could you go wrong with learning another skill?