WebAdvisor Overview

WebAdvisor is a useful tool utilized by the Wesleyan community.



A major service in WebAdvisor is the Class Registration module.



In this area, you can “Search for Classes,” “Register for Classes,” and view your selected courses. “Search for Classes” can also be accessed prior to registration time and is a useful tool in determining closed classes and which open classes you will have the best chance of getting into.


You may also use WebAdvisor to check your financial aid status at NWU. WebAdvisor shows the amount you are receiving and also allows you to claim financial aid at the beginning of every year. You can check the balance of your current statement under the “Financial Info” section of WebAdvisor.


One of the most useful tools on campus is the Web Bellbook, located within the “Other Info” area in WebAdvisor. Web Bellbook allows a student/professor to look up the email, address, and phone number of every person on campus (except when individual requests not to be included). This is helpful when you need to contact classmates for group projects, and for contacting professors when you need assistance.


WebAdvisor allows you to check your grades at the end of the semester. Grades are made available for viewing within two weeks after each semester’s end. When grades are posted, a notice will be released at the top of the “Students Menu.” This gives students an easy way to check their grades after they have left campus.


Always remember to log out of WebAdvisor when finished, especially when you are using lab computers or kiosks. If you don’t log out, the next person who uses the computer may have access to your WebAdvisor information.


WebAdvisor can be accessed from image links on the Wesleyan or CS/IT sites, or at https://web.nebrwesleyan.edu/WebAdvisor/WebAdvisor?&TYPE=M&PID=CORE-WBMAIN&TOKENIDX=1060361510.

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