Upcoming Technology Conventions

By: Amanda Reichert

Any technology or business aficionado knows the importance of keeping up with trends in technology. The best way to keep track of these trends is to pay attention to conventions, were speakers representing companies unveil their newest ideas, models, and plans for the future. Most people have probably heard of events such as E3, where companies reveal upcoming games and console news, and Microsoft Build, a conference aimed at software engineers and web developers. Either way, there is something for everybody, from gaming to phones to new software. There is always something worth watching for. Of course, to go to these national conventions would be costly, but you can always read the news and watch videos of presentations later. There are some key ones I would look out for between now and October, as well as a few past ones to read up on.

Business-minded individuals might enjoy reading about the Gartner Catalyst Conference. It is a business conference built around the idea of how to create a project within software development and execute it flawlessly. Presentations should give people a clear plan to develop their own projects or ideas. It was held in San Diego, California from August 21st to the 24th. The standard fee to attend is around $3,400 per ticket.

Another development based conference is the Pacific Northwest PHP event. Held in Seattle, Washington from September 7th to the 9th, this conference focuses on web development and anything involved with such a project. An all-access pass would ring up at $1,195.

One conference that is more centered around executive training would be the CIO Perspectives Forum and Conference. Leaders in the IT world gather to train and assist other IT members from medium to large companies. Rather than full of speakers and presentations, at the Forum, members trade ideas and help others grow. It will be held in Chicago, Illinois on September 12th, but there will be many conferences across many states in months to come. Rather than pay your way in, you apply, and if your credentials are up to standard, you’re in!

My personal favorite to watch for is MicrosoftIgnite, held in Orlando, Florida from September 25th to the 29th. It is more of a generalized conference, but hands-on learning, sessions, industry insights, and interaction with the people making the products are the main focus. They hold an expo, where upwards of 150 products can be seen, tested, or even bought. For an all-access pass, you would have to cough up $2,220.

Finally, who can forget about Oracle? Oracle holds a convention every year for business managers, IT consultants, and end users looking for a leg up on other people in the business. IT people can see what Oracle can do for them, and you may get a few tips for management and leadership. The event is in San Fransisco, California this year on October 1st to the 5th. A full conference pass will run you $2,450, but if you can gather 4 friends, you save $500!

Whether you can attend the events or are content to read about them after they are done, these are some major conventions coming soon. These conventions are a great way to keep up with trends, business models, and leadership skills. It is easy to find the information if you want to learn. I suggest taking the time to learn what these conferences really have to offer.