TypeScript: Coding Method of the Future?

By: Amanda Reichert


If you’re into coding, you know that JavaScript is a major language to use when creating anything that needs to run in a modern browser. JavaScript is considered one of the easier languages to learn, and it was perfect for developers to use in many ways. However, in 1995, developers only needed a few lines of code. Programmers today need hundreds of lines of code, and JavaScript isn’t the best language to use for that much code.


5 years ago, Microsoft developer Anders Hejlsberg asked himself how to make it easier to use JavaScript for larger projects. JavaScript is a useful language, and Hejlsberg didn’t want to just scratch the whole idea of it. So he and his team put together a language, TypeScript, that would compile the hundreds of lines of code from your JavaScript into a smaller set of code. The tagline for such a language is “TypeScript: JavaScript that scales,” meaning people can still use the code they love and understand, but for projects that JavaScript alone cannot handle. Hejlsberg presented this concept at the “Microsoft Build 2017” conference, in which he explains the usefulness of TypeScript and how it incorporates “tools of the future.” Since the conference, TypeScript has caught the eye of plenty of coders. Who wouldn’t want to make the job of coding easier?


The idea is for TypeScript to remain an open-source platform and free to download. You can find more information on their official website, and even watch the presentation that Anders Hejlsberg gave. They recently released their latest version. Check it out!


Official Website for TypeScript: https://www.typescriptlang.org/index.html