Time to Switch It Up!

By: Zacchaeus Benesh


Nintendo has bounced back! After their last console, the Wii U, failed to provide satisfaction for gamers, many believed that the company should just stick to their mobile systems. Instead of listening, Nintendo revolutionized gaming by introducing a hybrid console that seamlessly transitions between mobile and console gaming. That system is the Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo has made a lot of improvements from their previous systems. The Switch’s joy-con remotes have improved on the motion controls of the Wii’s remotes, the Switch is not as bulky or as frustrating as the Wii U, and its processing speed and graphics are far superior to the DS and 3DS.


Unfortunately, it isn’t perfect. One issue, which has been repeatedly brought up by several owners, is the fact that the left joy-con controller seems to disconnect whenever it’s not attached to the Switch itself. For those lucky enough for this to just be a software issue, the problem was easily fixed by an update. However, for the unlucky people who have a hardware issue, the update did not help. Nintendo has fixed this problem by adding a piece of conductive foam inside the left joy-cons that have the hardware issue. This piece of foam protects the joy-con from interfering waves that have been affecting the wireless component of the joy-con. It does seem that Nintendo has fixed this issue since reports have said that the new line of joy-cons does not have the conductive foam, but still work perfectly fine.


The biggest problem with the Switch right now is its game lineup. So far, the Switch’s only big games are Zelda and… Zelda. While The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is perhaps the biggest exclusive ever released, scoring a perfect 10/10 on several gaming sites, it is not reason enough for some people to get the Switch. While other big games like Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Sonic Mania, and Skyrim (if you don’t own it on literally any other console by now) are on their way, it might be better for some people to wait to get the Switch until some of those games come out.


Another problem with the Switch is that, as of now, you cannot transfer any saved data from one Switch to another. So if you are 100+ hours into Zelda and your Switch breaks, it looks like you’ll have to start completely over.


The last problem with the Switch is the price of its accessories. The Nintendo Switch Pro controller costs $70, which is more expensive than an Xbox One or PS4 controller, and you have to buy your own case for the Switch if you want to protect it on the go.


Overall, the Switch is an amazing system with a lot of potential. While it may be missing a lot of big name games right now, it looks to be a strong competitor against Xbox within a year and maybe PlayStation within three. Also, dozens of reports have said that the Switch cartridges taste horrible. If you want to test that report, be my guest.