The New iPhone 7 Storage

By: Amanda Reichert


With the release of the iPhone 7 in September of 2016, Apple offered a new lineup of storage, from 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. This is a major improvement from the last model’s 16GB storage. This seems like a major improvement, but is 32GB enough?


How often do you delete unneeded photos, videos, and messages from your phone? Not to mention all those emails or applications? With a new message system that adds in stickers and emojis, how will you ever have space? When it comes to storage on your phone, 32GB goes fast.


What does Jason Cipriani at suggest? 128GB. Who really needs 256GB of storage? If your phone holds a decent amount of digital media, messages, emails, and apps, 128GB ensures enough space, but won’t break the bank.


In the end, decide for yourself how much storage you really need. Is it worth the extra money to stop receiving messages about full storage? Can you manage with 32GB? It all depends on you are your phone habits.




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