The Downside of Driver-less Cars

By Joseph Sanford

In recent years many different companies are experimenting with cars that drive themselves. Recently one man discovered an issue with these driverless cars. Photographer Jit Ray Chowdhury used his expensive Sony camera to take a picture and found that suddenly his camera started having purple dots on every picture taken. He discovered that his camera was ruined by a passing driverless car. Driverless cars run on a system called Lidar, or laser radar. When Lidar hits an ordinary camera lens it can damage it leaving permanent marks on the lens. With all of the current excitement around driverless cars, and everyone having a camera in their pockets, who are to blame when everyone’s phone camera is ruined? Jit Ray Chowdhury was able to get the car’s company to pay for his camera. This seems like an issue that needs to be addressed before driverless cars start to popularize. Want to know more? Go to the link below.