Thank You for Taking the WITS Survey!

by Leah Nicholson 


Over this past month, Wesleyan IT Students conducted a survey over NWU’s Wi-Fi networks and received around 225 responses. We would like to thank all students who participated, as well as provide you with further information regarding the purpose and results of the survey. 

Ultimately, the purpose of this most recent survey was to gauge the way that the various Wi-Fi networks are utilized across campus. WITS’s preferred end-goal is to firmly establish the official and secure Wi-Fi networks—nwu-wifi and nwu-legacy—as the primary choices for students on campus, thus eliminating the need for the nwu-guest network. 

Removing the guest network on campus would encourage students to use secure networks to better protect their privacy and ensure stronger internet connectivity through the use of secure networks. As an insecure network, nwu-guest poses several risks when used consistently over official networks, carrying the risks of data interception and potential hacking.

It is also WITS’s intention to spread awareness regarding the nature of secure and insecure Wi-Fi networks here on campus, and to do so, this survey asked questions related to the use of individual networks.

As can be seen from the graph on the right, the majority of NWU students who took the survey use the nwu-wifi, though only 7% reported being connected to the campus’s other secure network, nwu-legacy. 20% of students surveyed utilize the nwu-guest network, less than a third of those connected to nwu-wifi.

Other questions in the survey touched on the consistency of students’ internet connectivity, as can be seen with the graph below.

Over half of the students surveyed said they experienced issues re-connecting to the Wi-Fi networks on campus, whether it be when returning to NWU after a break or an absence, or simply moving between campus buildings. The results of the survey show that a large number of those connected to the nwu-guest network reported that their connectivity was unstable and/or slow, and that several students have experienced issues connecting or staying connected to the campus Wi-Fi.

Moving forward, WITS troubleshooting manager, Craig Anglesey, is set to meet with Steven Dow and Tish Gade-Jones to discuss the results of the WITS survey and to consider potentially removing the nwu-guest network.

Once again, Wesleyan IT Students would like to thank all who participated in taking this survey. If you have any questions concerning these results, or any other technological inquiries, please email us at