Submitting to The Flintlock

by Leah Nicholson


Nebraska Wesleyan’s fine arts journal, The Flintlock, is opening submissions on October 28th, and for those who want to spread their works in the poetic, literary, and artistic fields, it provides an outstanding opportunity for exposure (as well as the possibility for cash prizes, which never hurts). How do you submit your work for the editors to look over? This article will help show you how.


Step 1: search for submittable on Google and select the submission manager option, circled above.

Step 2: sign in or sign up, preferably using your Wesleyan email (ex.


Step 3: while logged into your account, go to


Step 4: select the category that corresponds with your work. To read the specific requirements of each category, select the More dropdown buttons on the website.


Step 5: fill out your current address information.


Step 6: title your submission(s) and insert the files, making sure they follow the acceptable types (Word documents, for example, will save a docx files, while Google Docs will save as a doc). You are allowed up to five submissions per category (i.e. prose, poetry, art).


Step 7: submit your files or save as a draft to edit at a later time!


Submissions for The Flintlock open October 28th, 2019, and close February 10th, 2020. Make sure to get your work out there, and if you need any assistance transferring your files, come to the WITS Help Desk in Smith-Curtis 109. Wesleyan IT Students wish you the best of luck with your submissions, and we can’t wait to read your work in The Flintlock‘s 2020 release!