Spectacle – For Mac Users

By: Danylo Serednytsky


Have you ever used Windows window management system? Taking one of your windows, dragging it over to the right or left-hand side, then having it “snap” to half of the screen? If so, you might find yourself happy to be working on an efficient desktop that looks like this;



But I bet you have a Mac, don’t you? Or maybe you use both, but on your Mac, you could avoid having to manually resize your windows to fit on the screen. Do you find sometimes find yourself looking at a desktop that looks like this?



If so, I have the solution for you! Spectacle is an application for Macs that assigns keyboard shortcuts to different window placements and sizes. Want your window assigned to the left half of the screen? OPTION+COMMAND+LEFT! Want your window in the lower right hand corner? CONTROL+COMMAND+SHIFT+RIGHT! Want your window to take up the whole screen without going into full screen mode? OPTION+COMMAND+F! All of these lightning-fast resizing options at the tip of your fingers! Go to https://www.spectacleapp.com/ to download it today for FREE!