Scariest Part of Halloween? Losing your Data!

By: Trev Riekenberg


Pumpkins, candy, and Mac OS updates, no three things could possibly describe Halloween more. But for Mac users, this season may be a little spookier than you hoped. Here at the WITS office, we have observed numerous haunting errors with the newest Mac operating system, “High Sierra”. Many people upgrading from the 10.12 Sierra to the 10.13 High Sierra have encountered errors during the install process. This is not only affecting recent MacBook Pros and Airs but literally all of the Mac desktops located in our office and in numerous other places on campus.


This can lead to a ghoulish number of problems including the loss of personal settings, data, and most notably, your files. While this issue is a relatively rare occurrence, it highlights the importance of backing up your files routinely and at the very least, before updates.


This can be done in a number of ways, including utilizing the Time Machine function on your Mac or creating a system image on PCs. These processes are rather straightforward and could prevent a tremendous amount of terror and fright from your fall season. However, the only sure way to prevent the loss of files is through the use of an external hard drive. Think of an external hard drive as a mega flash drive, meaning that you can copy the entire contents of your system onto it. Prices for external hard drives have been consistently dropping for the past couple years and now can be purchased at fairly reasonable prices. There are multiple quality models available right now with my personal favorites being the Western Digital 1 TB or 4 TB Easystore which are currently $49.99 or $99.99 on both Amazon and at BestBuy. Both of these offer plenty of room for all of your files and can prevent any storage-related scares this Halloween season.


Happy Halloween!