Samsung Rises from the Ashes

By: Zacchaeus Benesh


It wasn’t long ago that Samsung issued a recall on their Galaxy Note 7 phones. After receiving a lot of heat from the media and consumers, Samsung has finally been able to cool down and find a solution to their battery problems (hopefully). Samsung has been having a blast working on their new battery safety checks to insure that their new phones won’t be as flammable. Their new battery tests include a durability test, visual inspection, X-ray test, disassembling test, OCT test, a charge, and discharge test, TVOC test, and an accelerated usage test. Hopefully, their workers won’t be burnt out by all the test they have to run.


Unfortunately, Samsung’s plans for the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 8 have blown up, and the new phone’s release date has been delayed until the battery problem is completely fixed. Hopefully, Samsung will be able to fix their problems before their chances of catching their competition go up in smoke.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will go down in smartphone history for all the wrong reasons, which is a shame because when it wasn’t causing property damage and injuries it was a very good phone. Fortunately, it looks as though the brand might live on, with rumors of a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 already beginning to emerge. Other than its possible existence almost nothing is known about it so far.