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Samsung Releases the Galaxy Fold

By: Taylor Stout

Samsung has unveiled the latest foldable smartphone – the Galaxy Fold. The Fold will go on sale in just over a month.


Samsung claims the Galaxy Fold will open up to create a 7.3 in tablet-like display and be able to run three apps at once.


It said that Samsung had designed a new type of hidden hinge system that would be able to withstand hundreds of thousands of folds and unfolds. The Fold also contains a battery on each side of the hinge system to extend its runtime. With a battery on each side, it does make the phone heavier.


A 4G version of the Galaxy Fold is set to go on sale on April 26 and will start at $1,980 (£1,515). A more expensive 5G edition is promised to come out a little later. Samsung is describing the phone as being a “luxury” item.


The phone-tablet hybrid seems to be a modern-day engineering marvel. With more and more companies coming out with new ways to make foldable phones, how will people react?

Read more about it at https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-47313049