Samsung Recalls Hottest Phone on the Market

By: Zacchaeus Benesh


List of things not to take on a plane: shampoo, weapons, matches, poison, drugs, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Southwest Airlines in Kentucky found the last one out this week when their plane was evacuated because a passenger’s Note 7 started smoldering and making popping noises. This is only the latest in a series of reports that the Note 7 battery has been overheating and even catching fire from normal use. This faulty battery has lead Samsung to halt production, as of Monday, October 10.


Samsung already had to recall the Note 7 back in September due to issues with the phone, but now the replacements are being recalled due to this unfortunate fire hazard feature. Multiple cell carriers have already stopped selling and giving out replacement Note 7s since the fires have started.


If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung, cell carriers, airlines, and myself, all urge you to shut off your phone and take it to where you bought it to exchange it for a Galaxy S7 or a Galaxy S7 Edge. You will be refunded the difference in price between the devices with an added $25 gift card. If you feel uncomfortable owning a Samsung phone, you can also get a full refund for your Note 7 so you can buy any phone you want.


Samsung will need a big recovery to make up for this mishap.

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