Robot Dog Enforces Social Distancing

by Bailey Leuty


Singapore’s government has supported a new additional measure to protect its citizens from COVID-19: Spot, the Boston Dynamics robot dog. Spot roams the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and reminds people to keep enough space between one another, complying with the nation’s social distancing requirements. When Spot notices people getting a little too close, the robot plays a prerecorded message to remind them of standard safety procedures.

But that’s not all Spot’s known for: the robot dog has also been associated with bomb defusals and oil rig inspections, adding more credentials to its portfolio of keeping people safe. The thought behind Spot’s operation was meant to limit the manpower in Singapore’s parks, thus reducing the potential of exposure to COVID-19 to workers and other citizens.

To hear more about Spot’s capabilities, along with some mixed reviews from the people themselves, read Popular Mechanics article over the subject here!