By: Danylo Serednytksy


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin.


If you’re like me, you learn best through experience. Yeah, reading a book or sitting in on a lecture in class is educational to an extent, but I learn my lessons through actually doing whatever it is I am learning. Investing is one of the best examples I have. I started investing back in my Sophomore year of high school, with some funds I accumulated while working over the past summer. Being young and naïve, I approached it with an “overnight celebrity” attitude, thinking I was going to achieve massive 25+ percent returns in a year. I ended up learning my lesson the hard way, losing around 2% of my initial investment.


Now I don’t mean to cause fear when it comes to the stock market. It is a wonderful tool to invest and increase your wealth. I have learned many lessons when it comes to investing, broadening my knowledge in not only the stock market, but also with other aspects of investing, like money and capital markets, 401k’s and IRA’s, and the history and future of the stock market, which brings me to my next point. Robinhood is a free investment app available on the Apple Store and Google Play store


With no commission trading, fast execution, real-time market data, and smart notifications, you can manage a personal portfolio, big or small, right at your fingertips. Trades are executed almost instantaneously, with email notifications and no fees. In addition, Robinhood takes portfolio security seriously, with a keypad or fingerprint authentication, or optional two-factor authentication to keep your account as secure as possible.


Trading is easy, and the earlier you start investing in yourself, the better. If you haven’t read up on it, here are a few links to great articles. Otherwise, I hope you decide to start investing in the near future, and Robinhood provides a fast and easy way to do so. Best of luck!



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