Reminder: Online Safety

by Bailey Leuty


Social Media is a part of our everyday lives, but sometimes the safety risks that come with it slip out of our focus. Things aren’t always as they seem on the internet, and so consumers need to make sure to take steps to protect their personal information.

With younger and younger demographics able to get their hands on the internet, new risks arise. Though there are laws in the United States meant to help, they only go into effect after a company has been caught in the act of soliciting information from minors. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 is an example; the act limits the collecting of information from online users younger than the age of 13 and requires parents to give explicit consent for their child to use the service.

In concept, this is a helpful idea, but the application to general interest sites is not as clear to the regulators of internet content. This is why Tik Tok, a recent social media application owned by China, is facing legal pressures in the U.S.

If you would like to read more about this law and the stress Tik Tok is facing, see the link below. In addition, the second link will lead you to 10 tips to help maximize safety on the internet. Remember to read through these sources carefully, and to share these safety tips with friends and family.

Sources: The Washington Post and Carleton.