Personal Storage and Web Space

Network Storage Policy of Nebraska Wesleyan University Computing Services/Instructional Technology


Default Quotas


A network storage quota is composed of two parts: a soft quota and a hard quota. When a user exceeds the soft quota, he or she will start to receive messages that warn him or her of it; a user is not allowed to exceed the hard quota, and any data that is saved in excess of the hard quota will be discarded. Most programs will inform the user that there is insufficient disk space if this happens. The soft quota for all students is 100 megabytes (Mb); the hard quota is 110 Mb. The soft quota for faculty and staff is 300 Mb; the hard quota is 350 Mb. Employees of Computing Services/Information Technology (CS/IT) will have no quota but are advised to use their space wisely.


Quota Extensions


Students will not be granted quota extensions, without exception. Employees may be granted a temporary extension to their soft and hard quotas given extraordinary circumstances. These extensions will not be granted for more than two weeks and will be given only at the discretion of the Unix Systems Administrator. The size of the extension will be determined according to the perceived needs of the requestor.


Quota Notification


If a user exceeds his or her soft quota, the system will send him or her weekly emails until the situation is remedied. When saving, most programs will alert the user if the hard quota has been already reached, but we cannot guarantee that this will happen. In an event like this, data will not be saved.


Web Space


Students, faculty, and staff are also are granted web space on the NWU student server, which is separate from network storage. The student soft quota for this space is 25 Mb; the hard quota is 35 Mb. Faculty and staff’s soft quota is 60 Mb; the hard quota is 70 Mb. Departments may be granted space on the NWU web server upon request. There is no quota for this space; however, it should not be used for personal websites.


Website files should be copied to the “publichtml” folder located in users’ home directory. Please do not remove or replace the entire folder, as it will stop working properly and require the attention of the system administrator to remedy the situation.


Student websites are accessed using a web address of Faculty or staff websites are accessed using a web address of

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