Nintendo’s Latest Console

By: Evan Marshall


Before anything else, you NEED to see the trailer for the new Nintendo Switch:



From the trailer, it seems that playability in any and all situations is the key. From a fellow in his living room to an airplane to an E-sports arena, the Switch is versatile enough to be played absolutely anywhere.


There are different kinds of controllers for different situations. It appears to come with a “traditional” controller for single-player action on the couch. It also comes with a tablet which is very similar to a Wii U controller (maybe we can use a Wii U controller on the Switch). The two small controllers can be attached and detached in order for multiplayer action, or you can sit back and see the screen from a distance and not have to constantly hold it – Wii U style.


The Switch also appears to simply slot into a docking station in order for you to be able to see the game on your massively awesome TV. It also looks like an awesome marriage of console, tablet, and handheld portable console. Perhaps we will see Microsoft and Sony pushing towards this kind of console in the future.


There is no word yet on specs, of course – that comes with time. However Nintendo hasn’t given much of it, seeing as the end of the trailer reveals a release month of March 2017, which is pretty huge. We’re not used to such mystery and surprise from Nintendo, at least not in this way, it’s certainly exciting.


From the trailer, it looks as though one of the players is enjoying some Skyrim, 2k, and other Nintendo classics such as Zelda and Mario. I’m glad Nintendo is embracing this combination of classic titles and different kinds of games. Seeing that they are willing to expand past Nintendo titles, makes me excited to see where this console goes. March 2017 can’t come soon enough!

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