New Origin PC: Bang for the Buck? 

By: Amanda Reichert


Origin announced a laptop at CES 2017, but just recently has it picked up in steam. The Origin Evo15-S has hit the market with a fresh new price tag, one that may seem too large for the item.


At $1,626, this gaming PC is perfect for anyone interested in hardcore gaming. Origin is a respected brand with high-quality equipment but is also known for their outrageous price tags. A tower can run anywhere between $1,300 and $1,700. This places the laptop at the range of their massive Genisis Super Tower.


The specs of the PC might cause you to think twice on the price. The original price at CES 2017 was $2,312, so the drop-in price is welcome. It has a 15-inch, 1920 by 1080 display and i7 core processor. 16 GB of RAM, 500 GB Solid State Drive and 2 TB of other storage, this thing has memory for every game one might need. There will be no lack of storage for this computer.


There are options to decrease the price, but many critics say that what you are getting is worth the $1,626. The best tower Origin has is slightly more expensive, and you would still have to pay for a monitor. If you are looking for an upgrade, the Origin Evo15-S may be your best bet if you’re willing to drop some cash.