Myths Regarding Computing Services

In order to reach our goals and preserve our efficiency and reliability, we would like to dispel a few myths about CS that may have misled students, faculty and staff.

Myth 1:

  • CS works on and provides service to student, faculty, and staff personal computers for reasons other than network connectivity. We will fix your hard disk problems, remove viruses, and configure your settings so that your computer operates smoothly.


  • CS is NOT a computer-repair service. If your operating system crashes or other problems arise, do not take your computer to CS.

Myth 2:

  • You can purchase computers and software through the technology store.


  • CS does not purchase computers and software for student, faculty, and staff personal use. We are not a Best Buy, but can, however, guide you to many resources where you can purchase computers and software at a discounted student price.

Myth 3:

  • Wireless connectivity is omnipresent on campus.


  • Wireless connectivity has recently been added to all the residence halls and wireless internet is only guaranteed to be strong in Olin Hall, Smith-Curtis, Old Main, and the Student Center. For this reason, every residence hall room is equipped with a high-speed ethernet jack that can be depended on for a functional connection to the internet. Though Cochrane-Woods Library does have wireless internet, during high traffic times the internet connection speeds can be slow.

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