My laptop just won’t connect to the internet!

If you are expe­ri­enc­ing issues con­nect­ing to the inter­net you can check whether or not the prob­lem lies with your com­puter or with your inter­net provider

(For windows)

  1. the Start menu and open up the Con­trol Panel.
  2. Click on the Net­work Shar­ing Center
  3. At the top of the page there should be a graph of your inter­net connection
  4. If you are con­nected to your provider but not the inter­net then the prob­lem lies with your provider and you should con­tact them for support
  5. If you are not con­nected to your provider then you will not be con­nected to the inter­net and the prob­lem lies with your computer
    1. If you are using an eth­er­net cable
      1. Make sure that both ends are securely plugged in
      2. If prob­lem per­sists check net­work con­nec­tions to make sure your com­puter rec­og­nizes your ser­vice provider
      3. If there is still an issue con­tact your ser­vice provider
    2. If you are using wireless
      1. Check to make sure your com­puter can locate your wire­less router
      2. If you can not find the router check to make sure your wire­less card is turned on
      3. If prob­lem still per­sists try con­nect­ing to eth­er­net or con­tact your ser­vice provider

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