Motorola Moving Forward

By: Joseph Sanford


Motorola has some unique designs in the works to integrate humans and technology. They have been working on a few technologies in specific for password technologies. One specific problem that Motorola has been trying to tackle is authentication. Motorola has been looking for new and innovative ways to unlock our devices.


Two of the ideas presented D11 conference by Motorola representatives were a “password pill” and an authentication tattoo. As described by Regan Dugan at the D11 conference, it means that my arms are like wires, my hands are like alligator clips when I touch my phone my computer my door my car I’m authenticated in.” The idea behind this “authentication pill” is that when it is swallowed it creates an 8-bit signal when mixed with the stomach acids. This is then received by whatever device needs to be authenticated.


Though there are many concerns with a device like this, some of these have been negated. Dugan stated that it is FDA approved. Despite no apparent health issues, there are many other questions and concerns to be raised. Dugan did also state that the project was still in the works and would not be released anytime soon.


The electronic tattoo seemed like a simpler device that could easily be implemented. This electronic tattoo can stick straight to the skin and be used to open all necessary devices. When asked about the aesthetic of this electronic tattoo, the representatives were asked if the tattoo could be customizable to different design and both replied yes. With all the information held on our devices in these currents times, securely and easily having access to that information is very important.