Time and money- two things no one seems to ever have enough of. When considering
those in terms of health and wellness, Mirror, a new gadget, becomes an attractive option for
Mirror is a new complex fitness device that doubles as a regular mirror. It is valued at
$1,495. While that seems costly, consumers must consider various factors. First, Mirror offers a
very wide variety of workouts between new, live workouts each week and an extensive library of
on-demand workouts. Users can tailor their workout to their preferences as there are a wide
variety of types of workouts including boxing, cardio, yoga, and high-intensity interval training. In
addition to that, there are real-life certified instructors who instruct, motivate, and give feedback.
As a way to promote community, Mirror offers a way to connect and workout live with other
exercise members. Next, there is a heart-rate monitor included in the purchase which can be
used to track workouts and challenge participants similar to Orangetheory Fitness. A final perk
of the product, because so many individuals refuse to exercise without music, is Mirror’s ability
to connect to a Bluetooth audio device, so participants can enjoy surround sound through the
built-in speakers.
$1,495 in addition to $39 per month for the workout library seems like a lot of money for
a mirror with some exercise guidance. However, reviewers give a number of reasons why the
product is well worth the money. One argument for many, but especially for new moms, is that
Mirror is convenient. It is not hard to fit in a workout while a new baby is napping when it is right
at home and there are options for workouts as short as 15 minutes. With the wide variety of
types of workouts, users can feel comfortable trying new exercise types and not being judged or
afraid of messing up. Reviewers also mention how the workouts vary in intensity. Some say that
at-home workouts lack intensity and are not effective, but Mirror users think differently.
However, like everything, there are some downsides to the product. Many do not want to
pay the extra fee or pay for shipping and installation. Also, only Apple users have access to a
companion app on their mobile device. Nevertheless, many argue that the positives outweigh
the negatives, and Mirror is a greater alternative to a gym membership. If you are not
convinced, visit their showroom in New York to do a sample workout and experience Mirror for