iOS 11 Alerts

By: Zacchaeus Benesh


It’s that time of year again; Apple has cranked it up to 11 and released their new iOS. While there are some improvements with the new iOS (like the new control center), there are also some things that may take more getting used to.


As with every big iOS update, Apple turns on several features of your phone such as Bluetooth and Auto-Brightness regardless of if they were off before the update. Unfortunately, this time Apple decided to also change where the Auto-Brightness option was located. Auto-Brightness is no longer located in the Display & Brightness setting on your iOS 11 iPhone (because screw logic). In order to turn off/on Auto-Brightness, you must now go to in your settings General, then Accessibility, then Display Accommodations, and you will finally be able to find Auto-Brightness once again. Your battery will thank you!


Also with iOS 11, there will be apps that will not work. 32-bit apps are being pushed out with this new iOS update. This group of apps includes the Blackboard app some of us may use. Instead of updating the app, the people in charge decided to create a new Blackboard app that should be available in the app store.


If you are curious about what other apps may not work should you update to iOS 11, Apple has a section in the settings that list the apps that are incompatible. This list is located in your settings under General, then About, and then App Compatibility. If there is no App Compatibility in your settings, then your apps should all be compatible will iOS 11. If some of your apps are listed, there is still a chance they can be updated by the developers to work on iOS 11 (except Flappy Bird, iOS 11 will officially end Flappy Bird).