Instructure Merger – Canvas Under New Management?

by Leah Nicholson


The private equity investment firm Thoma Bravo, LLC, intends to buy the public company Instructure. What does this mean? The Canvas website commonly used here on Nebraska Wesleyan’s campus could be under new management.

Instructure runs the Canvas website utilized here at NWU by several on-campus professors. Canvas allows students to both submit and stay up to date on their homework assignments, such as quizzes, essays, and worksheets; it is also where course modules and syllabi can be easily accessed online, and gives professors the ability to easily communicate with their students outside of class with messages and feedback.

Thoma Bravo means to buy Instructure for approximately $2 billion, wanting to increase its investments in educational technology and websites as well as pursue plans to expand internationally. This transaction would move Instructure from being a public company, as it has been since 2015, to a private one.

Instructure’s CEO, Dan Goldsmith, stated that this shift to a private company will “provide additional flexibility and position us to invest more strategically to drive innovation for our customers.”

Though still waiting for approval from stockholders, Instructure’s board of directors reportedly supports the impending merger unanimously. Stockholders are expected to meet in the first quarter of 2020 to come to a decision regarding their stance, subjecting the success of the expected merger to their vote.

For further information regarding this merger, please consult our source article here!