Information for Visitors of Nebraska Wesleyan

Wesleyan is a Secure Computing Environment


Visitors of Nebraska Wesleyan, whether visiting friends, giving a guest lecture, attending conferences, or investigating campus, are always welcome!


Wesleyan’s computer network is different than other networks you may be familiar with. First of all, network resources, including internet access over wireless (common for visiting laptops) are not accessible without a Wesleyan login and password. Guest accounts can be obtained by submitting a request into our FootPrints database. Before submitting a request for a guest account please read the Guest Network and Computer Account Policy Summary below to ensure you are eligible to receive a guest account.


Guest Network and Computer Account Policy Summary


It is occasionally necessary to grant computer accounts to people who are not normally eligible under the terms of our account policies. Frequently, these are temporary accounts used during special events on campus. This policy establishes a framework for the use of such temporary guest accounts, the chain of responsibility for the use of these accounts, and the continued security of the NWU network and computing resources.


NWU Guest


NWU Guest is a wireless internet work specifically created for non-Wesleyan students and staff. To access it simply open your wifi network selection screen on your device and select it.




First, creating special accounts circumvents the normal account creation process. This encourages a proliferation of unique accounts with no record of that they have been created. There are an unknown number of such special accounts that are not deleted because there is no history of their existence, purpose and/or status. Second, a policy of one account per person and one person per account enforces responsibility. If illegal activity is detected, we can reliably trace that activity back to a single account and, thus, to a single individual. In the case of guest accounts with no definitive chain of responsibility, we have no way to determine with whom that activity originated. Thirdly, all NWU accounts are tied to a central authentication system. Each account allows a user to login to campus computer labs, but also provides access to email, Blackboard, and myriad other services. Allowing guest or special accounts this range of access is contrary to the best practices of computer security, according to which people should receive only the access they need and nothing more.


Solution and Requirements


To meet these concerns while providing reasonable and appropriate access to NWU computing resources for authorized guests, five guest accounts will be created. They will be called simply “guest1” through “guest5.” These will be easy to keep track of, rather than creating special accounts for each request. Guest accounts will be given limited access; they will not provide access to all computing resources, but only a subset of the most commonly requested resources, including computer lab logins and access to the wireless network. In order to assure accountability, a request for use of a guest account must meet the following criteria:


• The requestor must be a current full-time employee of Nebraska Wesleyan University.


• The request must be made at least 24 hours in advance.


• The time period during which the account is needed must be clearly specified.


• The number of people who will be using the account must be approximately known and specified.


• Before the use of the guest account is granted, the requestor must read and sign a guest account authorization form in which they take full responsibility for any activity that runs counter to the NWU policy on Appropriate Use of Computer Resources.


• After the event has concluded, a list of names of all people who used the account must be presented to CS/IT. Failure to do so will limit future opportunities to use guest accounts.


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