How do I display my iPad on the projector?

Check to see if your classroom is Apple Tv ready (most are), if so double click the home button on your iDevice (iPhone 4s or newer, iPad 2 or newer) swipe the bottom till your see a button with a box and a triangle on it. Click on that button and select your classroom. On the projector screen will appear a 4 digit code, enter this code into the prompt on your iDevice and you should be connected.

* Make sure you select the correct source on the  projector (should be marked Apple TV)
* If having issues connecting, connect to “nwu-guest” instead of “nwu-wireless”

If your classroom is not Apple Tv ready. You can check out a dongle that will connect to the “Alt Laptop” connection on in your classroom.  Dongles are limited be sure to plan ahead to ensure you have one in time for your presentation.

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