How can I speed up my computer?

The most com­mon thing that slows up your com­puter is clut­ter. To help relieve the clut­ter one thing to do is to sift out unwanted pro­grams and files in your com­puter. It is not as hard as you would think to clean your com­puter up by your self. The first place you should clean is the Down­loads Folder. Keep­ing your Down­loads Folder clean is a good way to keep yourself orga­nized and keep track of what you are putting on your computer.


1. Move all the files you want to keep to an orga­nized loca­tion on your com­puter (ie.. Pic­tures to pic­tures folder, Music to music folder, etc..)


2. Move all other files to the Recy­cle Bin


3. Empty Recy­cle Bin


Reg­u­larly doing this will help you keep con­trol of your com­puter and will keep you orga­nized and know what’s on your computer.


The sec­ond thing you can do to clean up your com­puter is to throw out all the pro­grams that you do not need. This can be scary at first but after a while, you real­ize how easy it is.


1. Go to the Start Menu and select Con­trol Panel


2. Under Pro­grams go to Uninstall/Change a Pro­gram (Here you will see a list of pro­grams, most of which you will not know what they are)


3. One at a time, Select every pro­gram that has any­thing to do with a tool bar (Unwanted pro­grams mis­tak­ingly down­loaded when down­load­ing other items from the internet)


4. Unin­stall it


5. From here go through the pro­grams and find all pro­grams you are CONFIDENT YOU DONOT USE


6. If you do not know what a pro­gram is, leave it there and/or ask.


7. If you are not sure if you should delete a pro­gram then do not delete it


Close out of the win­dow and you are done!


This is dan­ger­ous in the sense that you could delete an impor­tant pro­gram and once it is gone it is gone. Once you become famil­iar with the pro­grams on your com­puter you will eas­ily be able to tell which pro­grams are worth of being deleted

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