Holiday Gift Ideas

By: Amanda Reichert and Kyle Kuncl


That special someone in your life is going to be expecting a gift from you…soon. You better get on the ball of buying gifts; but if you struggle with gift ideas, or on a tight budget, here are a few ideas that might help the gift buying process along, all under $50.



The first gift idea is an alternative to the Amazon Echo, which can run pretty high sometimes. The Google Home Mini is a great alternative and will save you some money. Paired with a Google Home, it can help you interact with your voice assistant better! Coming in at $30, this is a great gift, but only if the person has a Google Home already. If you want to buy a Home, it’ll run you around $130.


Next we have the Amazon Fire Stick. It comes with a remote with Alexa capabilities and a connector for your TV. From it you can control your TV, watch Netflix, and relax. It’s a perfect way to make a TV “smart” without breaking the bank. It costs around $40, and is a great gift for any Netflix junkie.


Say you don’t want an Amazon-affiliated device. The Google Chrome Cast is here to save the day! Running at $35, it’s another cheap alternative to buying a smart TV. It works generally the same as the Amazon Fire Stick, but pair it with your Google Home, and you won’t even have to use a remote.


If you’re looking for speakers, one that has hit the market and made waves is the Soundcore 2 by Anker. Running at $31.99, this Bluetooth speaker is water resistant, but packs a punch for its size. Known for its sound quality at a great price, this speaker makes a great party companion.


Finally, we have a staff favorite pick for a speaker system for personal use. Logitech’s Z313 Speaker System on Amazon runs at around $26. You receive a main bass woofer and two side speakers. The sound quality is amazing for $26, and the quality of the speakers themselves are totally worth the money. The best part, if you pay around $53, you can get a Bluetooth adapter that connects to any Bluetooth device.


Here are a few more ideas that are a little outside our $50 range.


  • Amazon Echo Dot- $29.99
    • Amazon Echo Dot is a great connector and controller for many devices. With Alexa being the key feature, you can control your music, ordering, and Alexa ready devices with your voice.
  • USB-C cables- $9.99
    • With many phones and tablets switching to the new USB-C. USB-C cables will be a necessity in the near future leaving the old micro USB behind.
  • Portable Projector- $99.99
    • Having portable projector is a great way to enhance home entertainment as well as setting up for outdoor movie events. Also, can be a good thing for giving presentations almost anywhere.
  • Playstation 4 Pro- $399
    • The first gaming console on the list, the Playstation 4 Pro offers many features the orginal Playstation 4 does not offer. Whether you like gaming, watching tv, or surfing the web, the Playstation 4 pro as much to offer. The main features are it comes Playstation VR ready and allows for 4K video quality on 4K TVs.
  • Xbox One X- $499
    • The second console on the list that is Microsofts counterpart for the Playstation 4 pro is the Xbox One X. The Xbox One X is the ultimate entertainment system allows 4K video and gaming quality. Whether you want to play games, watch tv, or stream your content on twitch, the Xbox One X has the capability to do many things as a regular computer.
  • Nintendo Switch- $299
    • The last console on the list, The Nintendo Switch brings a different angle to gaming compared to their previous consoles and competitors like Playstation and Xbox. The Nintendo Switch is a both a home and mobile gaming system.
  • Drone with camera- $99.99
    • Many people have found that Drones are a great way to capture pictures and videos from places that were unimaginable. Not only could a cheaper drone be used as a toy for flying around, but it can also be used for taking incredible pictures at depth
  • Jumbl Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP Audio Streaming Adapter- $19.99
    • Now that many phones and devices are starting to remove the auxiliary port, many headphones and earbuds are becoming worthless. With the Jumbl Bluetooth audio streaming adapter people are allowed to use wired headphones on their Bluetooth devices.


Hopefully you got some ideas from the five we offered here. It’s a short list, but there are plenty of opportunities out there to find the perfect gift for someone. Technology can always be a great gift for anyone.