Heliogen Brings Solar Power to New Heights

by Leah Nicholson


Industries are one step closer to moving away from carbon as their power source. As the month of November nears its end, the startup company Heliogen’s technology has just made a significant breakthrough regarding solar power. 


The concept is a combination of artificial intelligence and mirrors, both working together to concentrate and focus beams of sunlight to temperatures nearly 1,000 degrees Celsius—that’s 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit. This massive range of heat marks an equally massive opportunity for industries. 


“Until now,” writes author and Market Strategist at FX Empire, Thomas Hughes, “concentrated sunlight has not been able to produce the temperatures required for wide-scale use of the technology by industry.” 


Bill Gross, head of Heliogen and founder of Idealab, has declared their goal of decreasing carbon dioxide emissions to combat the ever-increasing effects of climate change. With this stride forward in solar power, that goal comes closer within reach. As industries are provided with a feasible replacement for fossil fuels, provided by technological innovation, CO2 emissions could see a significant decrease as the world heads into the new decade. 


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