Google’s New Earbuds with Live Translation

By: Evan Marshall


Google recently showed off a new pair of earbuds that can act as an instant personal translator due out in November at its annual hardware event and in a blog post.


The company also showed off the next editions of the Pixel smartphone and Google Home, in addition to the earbuds that can translate 40 different languages. The new Google Pixel Buds, due out in November and currently available for pre-order, will cost $159 in the US. Google says the new earbuds pair with Google Assistant and can play for 24 hours of listening time on a full charge.


Users can touch and hold the right earbud to make Google Assistant either play music, make a call, get GPS directions, and even read text messages and alert them to calendar reminders.


A few new things said by Google:


  • “Say you’re in Little Italy, and you want to order your pasta like a pro. All you have to do is hold down on the right earbud and say, ‘Help me speak Italian,'” a Google blog post reads.


  • “As you talk, your Pixel phone’s speaker will play the translation in Italian out loud. When the waiter responds in Italian, you’ll hear the translation through your Pixel Buds.”


The new earbuds will come in black, “clearly white” and “kinda blue” color options. They will eventually be made available in Canada, the U.K., Germany, and Austrailia in November.


Google reports that the Pixel Buds will cost the same as competitor Apple’s AirPods at $159. Since the Pixel Buds has direct access to Google’s software, it has access to Google Translate, Maps, email, and more. While the Pixel Buds can be used with an iPhone, they will lose access to the company’s translate, assistant, and maps software and will thus basically become a $159 pair of earbuds.


Check out this video of a live demonstration of the translation feature between two people: