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Fully Autonomous Cars in UK

By: Taylor Stout

The Department for Transport wants fully autonomous cars and cars with no steering wheels tested on UK roads by 2021.


There are many rules around trials for autonomous cars. These trials require a human remote driver, but the driver does not have to necessarily be in the vehicle, just ready to take control if needed. Companies need to inform the authorities and emergency services for any new trial and must perform risk assessment and publish safety details.


By 2021, the UK government promises to have autonomous cars on the roads. It is estimated the automated vehicle market in the UK will be worth £52 billion by 2035.


Jack Cousens, head of roads policy for automotive association AA, said “While we generally welcome ambitious targets, 2021 feels extremely challenging given the technical and legal hurdles yet to be overcome. It is possible we might see ‘driverless’ vehicles following fixed routes in dedicated lanes by then – but the self-driving vehicle that can take you from your home to anywhere and back again in any weather and in mixed traffic is much, much farther away.”

Read more about it: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-47144449