Flosstime: Alarm Clock to Floss?

By: Amanda Reichert


Do you need help reminding yourself to floss? With your dentist telling you to floss every time you come in for a checkup, why do you keep forgetting? Maybe it’s time to invest in the newest healthy habit reminder: Flosstime!


Flosstime is only $40. With an adhesive strip on the back, you can place Flosstime anywhere you need it. You can be reminded after 24 hours to floss. How you may ask? Flosstime shoots floss out when it’s time to floss! You won’t have to bother with those small containers any longer! It is a Kickstarter company, however, and has yet to be released.


Flosstime lights up blue 22 hours after the last time you flossed and will turn red when you miss a floss. It holds 50 meters of floss, and if you use the recommended 18-inches of floss per day, you’ll have to refill the dispenser 3 or 4 times a year if you are the only person using it. But be careful when you thread the floss. If done incorrectly, the floss will jam.


Flosstime might be the one thing you need to remind yourself to floss daily. If you would like more information, follow these links:


Cnet article: https://www.cnet.com/products/flosstime-automatic-floss-dispenser/preview/


Kickstarter Webpage: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/flosstime/flosstime-worlds-first-smart-floss-dispenser?ref=nav_search