Dell Enters VR Market

By: Amanda Reichert


Woah, Woah, Woah. Dell? Making virtual reality headsets? That’s right! Dell, one of the top PC manufactures in the world, has thrown their hat into the VR ring after launching their new Dell Visor. The best part? It wraps around your head like a real visor would. No false marketing with Dell. You know what you’re buying!


But in all seriousness, the Visor is slightly cheaper than Oculus gear, looks awesome, and there’s no need for annoying sensors to be on your table all the time, restricting your play area. If you’re looking for a VR headset, Dell’s Visor may be a good choice.


Let’s talk about pricing. You want to get a good piece of equipment without breaking the bank. At the moment, Oculus, the leading brand in the field due to Facebook’s financial support, is offering the Oculus Rift headset and touch controllers for $500. This includes the sensors needed for the play area, and other equipment needed to get the full experience. Dell is offering their Visor for a $450, saving you a whole $50. It won’t come with sensors, but you don’t need them. That’s the beauty. You can’t buy the Visor just yet, but you can preorder, with the official launch date set for October 17th.


The best feature to me is the inside-out tracking. One aspect of the Oculus Rift experience is that you need to have two sensors on a table in your play area. It restricts you from turning around in your game, and further, holding you back from the immersion. As the Visor does not need sensors, the trackers are in the headset itself, you can spin, move, and look around without needing to make sure the sensors are in the right position. Inside-out tracking offers the freedom that should come with virtual reality.


If you would like to know more information, you can visit to check out pricing and shipping options. Who knows? Maybe Dell is the next virtual reality power-house.


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