Cyber Monday and Black Friday Record Sales

By: Amanda Reichert


We all know that Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday are huge events in the U.S., but just how much money do you think those two days alone bring in? Known as two of the most lucrative days in modern American culture, people are expecting high sales. Reports on these two shopping holidays are showing record numbers.


On Black Friday, it has been reported by Adobe Analytics that sales totaled to $7.9 billion. This is an increase of over 17% from last year. $5.03 billion of that was all from online shopping. On the following Cyber Monday, a new record was set for Cyber Monday sales, reaching $6.59 billion. The combined total of these two days alone is sitting at around $14.5 billion. Just imagine the money we could add to that from early Black Friday deals, or late Cyber Monday deals.


The best-selling item on was nonother than Amazon’s own device, the Amazon Echo. Amazon itself accounted for 45% of all online sales alone, and considering most of the purchases include Echos, Amazon did very well for the day. The best-selling items on Amazon were, of course, the Echo Dot, then the Amazon Fire Stick, TP-Link Smart Plug, Instant Pot 7 in 1 Pressure Cooker, and, surprisingly, 23andMe Genetic Services.