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Instructional Technology

Wesleyan IT Students are responsible for the following tasks with instructional technology at NWU:   – Provide technical support for use of instructional applications such as Blackboard, Canvas, Digication, and Office365, or other specialized apps – Assist with classroom and event video recording/streaming, editing and production projects – Assist with audio and video configurations for […]Continue reading «Instructional Technology»

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Multimedia Classrooms

Wesleyan IT Students are responsible for the following tasks in the multimedia classrooms at NWU:   – Inspect all assigned multimedia classrooms at least twice per semester so that all technology is working – Keep technology and podiums clean in all classrooms – Troubleshoot issues that occur in classrooms – Complete preventative maintenance and improve […]Continue reading «Multimedia Classrooms»

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Computer Lab Care

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Wesleyan IT Students are responsible for the following tasks in the computer labs at NWU:   – Complete printer maintenance and troubleshooting in general use labs – Regular checks to ensure all labs have an adequate amount of paper and toner – Mobile staff are expected to consistently be available and approachable to computer lab […]Continue reading «Computer Lab Care»

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What is CS/IT?

CS/IT is an acronym for Computing Services and Instructional Technology. Computing Services provides maintenance and support for campus-wide networking, academic and administrative file servers, computer hardware and software, and telephone service. Instructional Technology Services is a subset of CS that focuses on developing and using technology to enhance the teaching-learning process. Their website is where […]Continue reading «What is CS/IT?»

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What ITS And WITS Actually Do

ITS is a subset of Computing Services (with WITS being a subset of ITS) that works collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff to provide adequate hardware and software solutions, and to develop materials and strategies that can be used to enhance teaching and learning experiences through the use of technology.Continue reading «What ITS And WITS Actually Do»

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