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How do I log in to a classroom laptop?

Classroom podium laptops no longer require a Wesleyan login to access desktop resources!   For Windows laptops:   When powering on the laptop, users are automatically logged in as guest users. Restarting, Shutting Down, or closing the lid will cause all settings and files saved to the laptop to be removed. The logout option is […]Continue reading «How do I log in to a classroom laptop?»

How to Connect to the Wireless Network

Follow the instructions in this Prezi to connect to nwu-wireless!   Got a new device? Click this link to register it to nwu-wireless!   Peak Usage   Wireless network performance in the residence halls maybe slower during peak usage periods, which are typically between 9 pm and 2 am. Please make sure your device is […]Continue reading «How to Connect to the Wireless Network»

Printing At NWU

Printing at NWU is free of charge for all students and staff. There are laser printers available in the library computer labs and in each of the Olin computer labs. These printers can be accessed during the hours of each building. The Olin labs can also be accessed 24 hours by fobbing into the Olin […]Continue reading «Printing At NWU»

Cable-Port Info

Continue reading «Cable-Port Info»

Where can I print in color?

Instructional Technology Services provides color laser printing services for academic purposes, on standard size (8 1/2″ x 11″) paper, cardstock, glossy photo paper, transparency, and CD label print media formats. Prices vary from $.50 – $1.50 per print depending on the quantity of print media, if Wesleyan provides the print media, and what percent of […]Continue reading «Where can I print in color?»

How can I get more paper for the printer?

If a printer is out of paper in the computer labs, please contact the Computer Services Helpline at 465-7777 during business hours. This is a very unlikely situation because Wesleyan IT Students check the status of the labs multiple times daily. If a printer is out of paper in the residence halls contact your PA. It is their responsibility to […]Continue reading «How can I get more paper for the printer?»

Why won’t Email, Blackboard, or Other Services Work?

A good first try would be to check https://csit.nebrwesleyan.edu/system_status to see if certain services are missing or down. If that fails, retry logging in, in case you mistyped your password. If that fails, or no login is even offered at the correct address, contact our Helpline at 465-7777 for assistance.Continue reading «Why won’t Email, Blackboard, or Other Services Work?»

I tried to print from a lab computer, but nothing happened. What should I do?

There are several variables that determine whether you will be able to print as expected.   If there is a Wesleyan IT Student available, please ask them for help. If a Wesleyan IT Student is NOT available, you can check the printer and display to possibly determine the source of the problem (no paper, paper […]Continue reading «I tried to print from a lab computer, but nothing happened. What should I do?»

Personal Storage and Web Space

Network Storage Policy of Nebraska Wesleyan University Computing Services/Instructional Technology  Continue reading «Personal Storage and Web Space»

Password Information

Your Nebraska Wesleyan Login/Password is your personal identification for the Nebraska Wesleyan network and Computing Services. It is the same as your Login Name on Blackboard or WebAdvisor and is used to form your Nebraska Wesleyan email address (e.g., jsmith@NebrWesleyan.edu).   A Nebraska Wesleyan Login/Password is needed to gain access to campus computers, wireless networking, […]Continue reading «Password Information»