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Motorola Moving Forward

By: Joseph Sanford   Motorola has some unique designs in the works to integrate humans and technology. They have been working on a few technologies in specific for password technologies. One specific problem that Motorola has been trying to tackle is authentication. Motorola has been looking for new and innovative ways to unlock our devices. […]Continue reading «Motorola Moving Forward»

Time to Switch It Up!

By: Zacchaeus Benesh   Nintendo has bounced back! After their last console, the Wii U, failed to provide satisfaction for gamers, many believed that the company should just stick to their mobile systems. Instead of listening, Nintendo revolutionized gaming by introducing a hybrid console that seamlessly transitions between mobile and console gaming. That system is […]Continue reading «Time to Switch It Up!»

Flosstime: Alarm Clock to Floss?

By: Amanda Reichert   Do you need help reminding yourself to floss? With your dentist telling you to floss every time you come in for a checkup, why do you keep forgetting? Maybe it’s time to invest in the newest healthy habit reminder: Flosstime!   Flosstime is only $40. With an adhesive strip on the […]Continue reading «Flosstime: Alarm Clock to Floss?»

Festo – Improving the Animal Kingdom Through Technology

By: Joseph Sanford Festo is a technological research company. They specialize in automation. One of their focuses is robots in the shape of animals. In the past decade, they have created many diverse groups of robots. One of the first products released was the AquaPenguin. The AquaPenguin is a fully functional Robotic penguin that can swim […]Continue reading «Festo – Improving the Animal Kingdom Through Technology»


By: Danylo Serednytksy   “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin.   If you’re like me, you learn best through experience. Yeah, reading a book or sitting in on a lecture in class is educational to an extent, but I learn my lessons through actually doing whatever it is I am […]Continue reading «Robinhood»

Alexa Witnessing a Murder

By: Amanda Reichert   With the rather current release of the very popular Amazon Echo, over 5 million Echos have been sold to date. Amazon Echo has a voice-activated communication system that listens for her name, Alexa. When you say the word, Alexa records the conversation and streams it to the Cloud.   In November […]Continue reading «Alexa Witnessing a Murder»

A Monkey and His Robotic Hand

By: Fiona Dahlberg   Technology has gone long ways in the last 20 years. The idea of having full control of a robotic arm seemed like science fiction (or anime depending on your taste). Today, however, we aren’t actually that far off. In fact, we weren’t far off eight years ago, although not everyone knew […]Continue reading «A Monkey and His Robotic Hand»

Spectacle – For Mac Users

By: Danylo Serednytsky   Have you ever used Windows window management system? Taking one of your windows, dragging it over to the right or left-hand side, then having it “snap” to half of the screen? If so, you might find yourself happy to be working on an efficient desktop that looks like this;     […]Continue reading «Spectacle – For Mac Users»

How To Not Get Hacked! (And What to Do if You Do)

By: Amanda Reichert   You’ve probably heard many times, “Use a different password for every account, don’t reuse your passwords, and you won’t get hacked!” Sure, that’s good advice, but there is more to preventing getting hacked than passwords.   The number one way to prevent getting hacked is to take the following advice: “UPDATE”. […]Continue reading «How To Not Get Hacked! (And What to Do if You Do)»

GTA 5 Teaching AI Cars How To Drive

By: Amanda Reichert   Grand Theft Auto 5, one of the best-selling video games of our time and one of the best-known games to date, is currently being used to teach self-driving cars the rules of the road. For those of us that have actually played GTA 5, it may scare us a little. Ask […]Continue reading «GTA 5 Teaching AI Cars How To Drive»