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Upcoming Technology Conventions

By: Amanda Reichert Any technology or business aficionado knows the importance of keeping up with trends in technology. The best way to keep track of these trends is to pay attention to conventions, were speakers representing companies unveil their newest ideas, models, and plans for the future. Most people have probably heard of events such […]Continue reading «Upcoming Technology Conventions»

Which Android Assistant is Best for You?

By: Amanda Reichert   One of the most common phone assistants in the world is Apple’s Siri, equipped with every Apple device sold. However, not everyone one owns an Apple device, or may not like Siri. Here are some other options for digital, voice activated assistants that can help you the way Siri does, but […]Continue reading «Which Android Assistant is Best for You?»

TypeScript: Coding Method of the Future?

By: Amanda Reichert   If you’re into coding, you know that JavaScript is a major language to use when creating anything that needs to run in a modern browser. JavaScript is considered one of the easier languages to learn, and it was perfect for developers to use in many ways. However, in 1995, developers only […]Continue reading «TypeScript: Coding Method of the Future?»

New Technology Stores Extra Heat From Summer to Use in Winter

By: Evan Marshall   Heating a house takes a lot of energy. Whether your heating system is electrically powered, or oil powered, or you’re just throwing wood in the fireplace, heating your home in the winter is a hassle and a cost. But a new way to make use of naturally occurring heat might be […]Continue reading «New Technology Stores Extra Heat From Summer to Use in Winter»

Turning the Roofs of Amazon Warehouses into Power Stations

By: Evan Marshall   The solar bug has bitten Amazon.   The e-commerce behemoth said Thursday it’s installing solar panels on 15 fulfillment centers this year, enough to generate up to 41 megawatts of power, and plans to expand to 50 of its sites by 2020.   “The move is good for Amazon and the […]Continue reading «Turning the Roofs of Amazon Warehouses into Power Stations»

Ooho – Edible Water Bubbles

By: Evan Marshall   The marketing video for Ooho edible water bubbles does its job admirably. You want to hold the squishy spheres. You want to bite into them. They look like a lot of fun and a great way to stick it to those ubiquitous plastic water bottles that so often end up in […]Continue reading «Ooho – Edible Water Bubbles»

Tesla’s Sleek New Solar Panels

By: Evan Marshall   Tesla has unveiled its newest product—solar panels that can be added on to a pre-existing roof.   Last year Tesla acquired another company of Elon Musk’s, SolarCity, which specializes in solar products, generally home and business solar panels. Musk called the purchase “blindingly obvious,” allowing Tesla to offer end-to-end solar services, […]Continue reading «Tesla’s Sleek New Solar Panels»

The New iPhone 7 Storage

By: Amanda Reichert   With the release of the iPhone 7 in September of 2016, Apple offered a new lineup of storage, from 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. This is a major improvement from the last model’s 16GB storage. This seems like a major improvement, but is 32GB enough?   How often do you delete unneeded […]Continue reading «The New iPhone 7 Storage»

Motorola Moving Forward

By: Joseph Sanford   Motorola has some unique designs in the works to integrate humans and technology. They have been working on a few technologies in specific for password technologies. One specific problem that Motorola has been trying to tackle is authentication. Motorola has been looking for new and innovative ways to unlock our devices. […]Continue reading «Motorola Moving Forward»

Time to Switch It Up!

By: Zacchaeus Benesh   Nintendo has bounced back! After their last console, the Wii U, failed to provide satisfaction for gamers, many believed that the company should just stick to their mobile systems. Instead of listening, Nintendo revolutionized gaming by introducing a hybrid console that seamlessly transitions between mobile and console gaming. That system is […]Continue reading «Time to Switch It Up!»