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Scariest Part of Halloween? Losing your Data!

By: Trev Riekenberg   Pumpkins, candy, and Mac OS updates, no three things could possibly describe Halloween more. But for Mac users, this season may be a little spookier than you hoped. Here at the WITS office, we have observed numerous haunting errors with the newest Mac operating system, “High Sierra”. Many people upgrading from […]Continue reading «Scariest Part of Halloween? Losing your Data!»

Facebook and Twitter Ads: New Legislation Coming?

By: Amanda Reichert   I’m sure we can all remember the controversy during the latest presidential election regarding Russians interfering with the election. It hit mainstream media, but it didn’t seem to go any further on the news, while investigations were taking place. Recently, evidence has been found that this, in fact, a true claim; […]Continue reading «Facebook and Twitter Ads: New Legislation Coming?»

Google’s New Earbuds with Live Translation

By: Evan Marshall   Google recently showed off a new pair of earbuds that can act as an instant personal translator due out in November at its annual hardware event and in a blog post.   The company also showed off the next editions of the Pixel smartphone and Google Home, in addition to the […]Continue reading «Google’s New Earbuds with Live Translation»

iOS 11 Alerts

By: Zacchaeus Benesh   It’s that time of year again; Apple has cranked it up to 11 and released their new iOS. While there are some improvements with the new iOS (like the new control center), there are also some things that may take more getting used to.   As with every big iOS update, […]Continue reading «iOS 11 Alerts»

Apple’s iPhone X Event

By: Evan Marshall   Okay, I’ll admit. I’m a bit of an Apple fanboy. I use a MacBook and an iPhone and wouldn’t have it any other way. That is why I was so interested to learn more about Apple’s unveilings during their annual September event. This featured the (not-so-secret) iPhone X reveal but many […]Continue reading «Apple’s iPhone X Event»

Dell Enters VR Market

By: Amanda Reichert   Woah, Woah, Woah. Dell? Making virtual reality headsets? That’s right! Dell, one of the top PC manufactures in the world, has thrown their hat into the VR ring after launching their new Dell Visor. The best part? It wraps around your head like a real visor would. No false marketing with […]Continue reading «Dell Enters VR Market»

Upcoming Technology Conventions

By: Amanda Reichert Any technology or business aficionado knows the importance of keeping up with trends in technology. The best way to keep track of these trends is to pay attention to conventions, were speakers representing companies unveil their newest ideas, models, and plans for the future. Most people have probably heard of events such […]Continue reading «Upcoming Technology Conventions»

Which Android Assistant is Best for You?

By: Amanda Reichert   One of the most common phone assistants in the world is Apple’s Siri, equipped with every Apple device sold. However, not everyone one owns an Apple device, or may not like Siri. Here are some other options for digital, voice activated assistants that can help you the way Siri does, but […]Continue reading «Which Android Assistant is Best for You?»

TypeScript: Coding Method of the Future?

By: Amanda Reichert   If you’re into coding, you know that JavaScript is a major language to use when creating anything that needs to run in a modern browser. JavaScript is considered one of the easier languages to learn, and it was perfect for developers to use in many ways. However, in 1995, developers only […]Continue reading «TypeScript: Coding Method of the Future?»

New Technology Stores Extra Heat From Summer to Use in Winter

By: Evan Marshall   Heating a house takes a lot of energy. Whether your heating system is electrically powered, or oil powered, or you’re just throwing wood in the fireplace, heating your home in the winter is a hassle and a cost. But a new way to make use of naturally occurring heat might be […]Continue reading «New Technology Stores Extra Heat From Summer to Use in Winter»