Canva – The Future of Digital Design

by Payton Alber is a website that is changing the game for graphic design, social media, academics, and more. As a free platform that provides templates and easy formatting options for anything you could ever imagine designing online, it’s a tool that can take your projects to a whole new level. There are several categories of templates, including: […]Continue reading «Canva – The Future of Digital Design»

Cloud Computing – The Ins and Outs

What Exactly is Cloud Computing?  Cloud computing is commonly known as the on-demand delivery of IT resources with the internet as a distributing platform, using pay-as-you-go pricing. Instead of buying, owning and maintaining physical data centers and servers, the user is able to access technology services such as computing power, storage, and databases on an as-needed basis from cloud providers. […]Continue reading «Cloud Computing – The Ins and Outs»

Chromebooks: Great Replacement or Not Good Enough?

by Yuliia Iziumova What are Chromebooks?  Chromebooks first appeared on the market in 2011, but it’s only in the past few years that the technology has gained a momentum. Despite their growing popularity, however, Chromebooks are not for everyone, and you should know more of the specifics before you look into buying one for yourself. Generally speaking, Chromebooks are a […]Continue reading «Chromebooks: Great Replacement or Not Good Enough?»

Pay for Your Subway Trip with Plastic Bottles

by Logan Rowe   The world’s plastic problem has been an issue for a long while. Large quantities of plastic are consistently being manufactured and thrown away, often littering the world’s oceans and forests, causing harm to wildlife. Plastic bottles are a large component of this, mostly because bottled water is easy to take on a run and is more […]Continue reading «Pay for Your Subway Trip with Plastic Bottles»