Time and money- two things no one seems to ever have enough of. When considering those in terms of health and wellness, Mirror, a new gadget, becomes an attractive option for consumers. Mirror is a new complex fitness device that doubles as a regular mirror. It is valued at $1,495. While that seems costly, consumers must consider various factors. First, […]Continue reading «Mirror»

Xiaomi Reveals a Fold-in-Three Smartphone

By: Taylor Stout Xiaomi recently released a smartphone that essentially transforms into a mini-tablet by folding out two parts of its display that are folded behind its back. The Chinese technology company, Xiaomi, revealed the foldable smartphone prototype in a post on the site Weibo. Xiaomi has promised the “double-folding” device was coming and has asked the public to help […]Continue reading «Xiaomi Reveals a Fold-in-Three Smartphone»

The Downside of Driver-less Cars

By Joseph Sanford In recent years many different companies are experimenting with cars that drive themselves. Recently one man discovered an issue with these driverless cars. Photographer Jit Ray Chowdhury used his expensive Sony camera to take a picture and found that suddenly his camera started having purple dots on every picture taken. He discovered that his camera was ruined […]Continue reading «The Downside of Driver-less Cars»

Xbox Adaptive Controller

By: Andrea Bennetts Super Bowl LIII may not have been the captivating event so many hope for in a championship football game, but that does not mean there were not any eye-catching commercials. On the contrary, actually. Viewers wasted no time in ranking their favorites. Many of which included Microsoft’s advertisement empowering people and promoting inclusivity through technology. The commercial […]Continue reading «Xbox Adaptive Controller»