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CES 2018!

By: Amanda Reichert   CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2018 is all wrapped up and finished for another year. However, the tech shown at this year’s event have blown tech gurus and attendees away. There were many incredible gadgets that you can be looking forward to in the near future, as well as annual awards given to the tech that stood out […]Continue reading «CES 2018!»

YouTube’s Demonetizing Bot

By: Evan Marshall   One night at the beginning of November, tech reviewer Ben Schmanke published a YouTube video comparing the cameras on the iPhone X, the Samsung S8, and the LG V30. YouTube initially classified the video as suitable for all advertisers, indicated by a green dollar sign icon. When Schmanke woke up the next morning, the […]Continue reading «YouTube’s Demonetizing Bot»

Another iPhone Already?

By: Danielle Anderson   Rumor has it that Apple is already coming out with a new iPhone, not even six months after the iPhone X. Its name is the iPhone SE 2, and it highly contrasts with the expensive iPhone X released in early November. Having only a 4-inch screen compared to the iPhone X’s 5.8-inch screen, this phone is significantly smaller […]Continue reading «Another iPhone Already?»

Holiday Gift Ideas

By: Amanda Reichert and Kyle Kuncl   That special someone in your life is going to be expecting a gift from you…soon. You better get on the ball of buying gifts; but if you struggle with gift ideas, or on a tight budget, here are a few ideas that might help the gift buying process along, all […]Continue reading «Holiday Gift Ideas»

Cyber Monday and Black Friday Record Sales

By: Amanda Reichert   We all know that Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday are huge events in the U.S., but just how much money do you think those two days alone bring in? Known as two of the most lucrative days in modern American culture, people are expecting high sales. Reports on these two shopping holidays are […]Continue reading «Cyber Monday and Black Friday Record Sales»

Net Neutrality Repeal: What Could Happen and How It Could Affect You

By: Joseph Sanford   Net Neutrality has become a large issue in the past couple weeks, with vastly different opinions and arguments flying around the internet. As explained by Steve Lohr writer for The New York Times, “the net neutrality rules were passed in 2015 during the Obama Administration when the Democrats controlled the F.C.C.” […]Continue reading «Net Neutrality Repeal: What Could Happen and How It Could Affect You»

Razer’s New Gaming Phone

By: Amanda Reichert   If you’re a gamer, you know a thing or two about good gaming devices. You want something with a lot of RAM and a ton of battery life. The new Razer gaming phone, yet unnamed, is rumored to be in development right now and will have specs to ensure your gaming […]Continue reading «Razer’s New Gaming Phone»

iPhone X Worth It?

By: Evan Marshall   Will the iPhone X change your life for the better and usher you into the future, face first? Or is it just another smartphone with a giant screen and a strange little rectangle on top?   Please note that certain reviewers only had the phone for 24 hours so these are […]Continue reading «iPhone X Worth It?»

Netflix vs. Disney

By: Danielle Anderson   It’s official. Disney is leaving Netflix forever… But don’t worry; their contract does not expire until the end of 2019 (Gajanan, Mahita). You still have plenty of time to binge all your favorite Disney movies like Mulan or Finding Dory.   The good news is that Disney is working on creating […]Continue reading «Netflix vs. Disney»

Technology in Haunted Houses

By: Amanda Reichert   When you walk through a haunted house, do you instantly think, “How did they do that?” Even if you haven’t done that, think about it. How are things operated? We can’t expect a person to be behind every dummy and prop used. So how do they do it? Here are some […]Continue reading «Technology in Haunted Houses»