Cryptocurrency – Should You Invest? (Part II)

by Joran Teijema   Have you ever wondered about the specifics regarding cryptocurrency, or whether you should invest in it? Read this article and its prelude, here, to learn more about it! Let’s get started: Which Cryptocurrencies are there? Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a digital currency created in January 2009, which follows the ideas set out in a whitepaper by the mysterious and pseudonymous developer […]Continue reading «Cryptocurrency – Should You Invest? (Part II)»

Facial Recognition Software: Privacy or Protection?

by Seth Griger   A controversial topic has made its way into news recently: facial recognition software. Whether it is garnering support or disapproval, its presence has become more and more relevant as technology progresses, and sources say it’s here to stay. Most modern phones already use facial recognition as a security measure, utilizing it as a means to unlock […]Continue reading «Facial Recognition Software: Privacy or Protection?»

Thank You for Taking the WITS Survey!

by Leah Nicholson    Over this past month, Wesleyan IT Students conducted a survey over NWU’s Wi-Fi networks and received around 225 responses. We would like to thank all students who participated, as well as provide you with further information regarding the purpose and results of the survey.  Ultimately, the purpose of this most recent survey was to gauge the […]Continue reading «Thank You for Taking the WITS Survey!»

Instructure Merger – Canvas Under New Management?

by Leah Nicholson   The private equity investment firm Thoma Bravo, LLC, intends to buy the public company Instructure. What does this mean? The Canvas website commonly used here on Nebraska Wesleyan’s campus could be under new management. Instructure runs the Canvas website utilized here at NWU by several on-campus professors. Canvas allows students to both submit and stay up […]Continue reading «Instructure Merger – Canvas Under New Management?»