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T-Mobile Fined Over False Ringtones

By: Joseph Sanford   Have you ever felt like someone was purposely not answering the phone? Trying to avoid you? Especially when you were in a rural or underpopulated area?   Well, it turns out that it may not be getting your call at all. Especially if you have T-Mobile. T-Mobile just settled paying 40 […]Continue reading «T-Mobile Fined Over False Ringtones»

Cardboard vs. LEGOs

By: Zacchaeus Benesh   Nintendo has released a brand-new accessory line for the Switch. The recently released Nintendo Labo is specialized cardboard that is designed to work with your joy-con controllers. They come in two packs: the variety kit for $70 and the robot kit for $80. Here’s a video that shows what the Labo […]Continue reading «Cardboard vs. LEGOs»

Portugal Runs an Entire Month Off Renewable Energy

  Portugal’s renewable energy sources generated enough power to exceed total grid demand across the month of March, a new report has found, setting a standard that is expected to become the norm for the European nation. According to Portuguese grid operator, REN, renewable energy output over the month reached 4,812GWh, surpassing the nation’s total […]Continue reading «Portugal Runs an Entire Month Off Renewable Energy»

World’s First Electrified Road for Charging Vehicles Opens in Sweden

The world’s first electrified road that recharges the batteries of cars and trucks driving on it has been opened in Sweden. About 1.2 miles of electric rail has been embedded in a public road near Stockholm, but the government’s roads agency has already drafted a national map for future expansion. Sweden’s target of achieving independence […]Continue reading «World’s First Electrified Road for Charging Vehicles Opens in Sweden»

Control AI Now…Before It’s Too Late

More than two dozen experts from top universities and research organizations in the US and the UK wrote the alarming report about the malicious use of AI. The report warns that artificial intelligence could usher in a new wave of cyberattacks in which computers use speech technology to impersonate targets or carry out “superhuman hacking” […]Continue reading «Control AI Now…Before It’s Too Late»

Zuckerberg vs. Congress

Mark Zuckerberg was grilled for about 10 hours by nearly 100 legislators in the House and Senate to address the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Lawmakers in both houses, and on both sides of the aisle, raised concerns about whether Facebook had proven to be incapable of regulating itself. Even Zuckerberg said regulation of his industry […]Continue reading «Zuckerberg vs. Congress»

Lethal Self-Driving Uber Accident

A woman was struck and killed on Sunday night by an autonomous car operated by Uber in Tempe, Ariz. It was believed to be the first pedestrian death associated with self-driving technology.     Elaine Herzberg was struck while walking her bike across the street somewhere in this area. The self-driving Uber was traveling north at about 40 […]Continue reading «Lethal Self-Driving Uber Accident»

FDA Approves Artificial Medicine

By: Joseph Sanford   Health tech companies are making a big push to digitize medicine, introducing novel tools like digital pills that track when patients take their drugs and smart spoons that can automatically adjust to hand tremors. Now they want some patients to get prescription treatments from the app store as well.     Later this year, doctors […]Continue reading «FDA Approves Artificial Medicine»

Modified Blackberrys Helping Criminals

By: Joseph Sanford   Encryption technology has been getting more advanced and is allowing people to have more cybersecurity. This also goes for criminals who often use encryption to communicate with technology without having authorities determine what is being said. This is true with the latest news with Blackberry, Phantom Secure, and a Mexican drug […]Continue reading «Modified Blackberrys Helping Criminals»

How Cambridge Analytica Acquired Facebook Data

You may have heard recently about Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, and your personal information being compromised from your social media sites. The current Cambridge Analytica-Facebook dispute is fascinating and can have a huge impact on how social media sites compile and distribute user data. Below is everything that is happening explained:     Who collected all […]Continue reading «How Cambridge Analytica Acquired Facebook Data»