Looking Forward: Technological Developments for 2020

by Leah Nicholson   As we enter a new decade, tech’s increasing prevalence in daily life continues to grow, leaving many wondering what new trends are on the horizon. This September, Bernard Marr compiled a list of the seven most significant technological developments that are expected to continue into the upcoming decade.    But the question remains: why these trends? […]Continue reading «Looking Forward: Technological Developments for 2020»

Variety (Part Three)

by Leah Nicholson       In a world where people teach useful things, the following descriptions are written in thick cursive ink, set down on a paper crumbling with age and burned around the upper left corner.        Detriponitipeia is the dawning realization of making a mistake.        Improveatoana translates to the act of making up a poorly thought out excuse that will […]Continue reading «Variety (Part Three)»

Variety (Part Two)

by Leah Nicholson   Applicants fill out the following:  Define time.  Who decided sixty seconds? Minutes?  Why?  How can you travel through something if you can’t touch it?  Define past and future.   Do they change? Can they change?  Is August real?  If everything is simultaneously everywhere, when is it happening?  Define now.  Time’s significance is a) cultural, b) physical, c) omnipotent, d) detrimental  When was yesterday?  Define end.    ANSWER KEY:  […]Continue reading «Variety (Part Two)»