Cardboard vs. LEGOs

By: Zacchaeus Benesh


Nintendo has released a brand-new accessory line for the Switch. The recently released Nintendo Labo is specialized cardboard that is designed to work with your joy-con controllers. They come in two packs: the variety kit for $70 and the robot kit for $80. Here’s a video that shows what the Labo offers:


After the announcement of the Labo, some people decided to try the same thing using LEGOs instead. They used LEGOs they owned and found ways to make accessories that can be used for existing games. Here’s a video that shows off some of the creative LEGO designs:


Labo Pros: The Labo is an official Nintendo product which means it provides a higher level of guarantee to work. The Labo also comes with instructions on how to build the designs and is customizable to be unique to you. The Labo also has replacement parts already made, but more on that in a second.


Labo Cons: The Labo is arguably overpriced for what you are getting. Additionally, while the Labo does have replacement parts, they can run anywhere from $8 to $14. While the cardboard is durable, it is still cardboard and there is a high chance of it tearing or becoming damaged (hence the replacement parts). The Labo is also designed around specialized games made for the Labo. While this helps show off what the Labo can do, the games lack depth and seem to have a short interest life compared to the price you’re paying. There is currently no evidence that Labo can work with big named games. Cats also seem to be attracted to attacking the cardboard or laying on it and crushing it.


LEGO Pros: LEGOs are pretty durable as they will more than likely break your foot before you break one. Normal LEGOs are also cheaper and most people already have a handful available somewhere close by. The LEGOs also work with Mario Kart and potentially other big named games as well. The nicest thing is that you can make a durable stand that can work when you play any Switch game.


LEGO Cons: The LEGOs are completely DIY and do not have a guide with them. Since there were no games specifically made for the LEGOs, the number of games you can create stuff for depends on your creativity and how well it works.


Opinion: Personally, I do not find the Nintendo Labo worth the price tag. If people can come up with more designs and games for the LEGOs to be used with, I feel that they can be a fun and long-lasting accessory for everyone’s switch.