Canva – The Future of Digital Design

by Payton Alber is a website that is changing the game for graphic design, social media, academics, and more. As a free platform that provides templates and easy formatting options for anything you could ever imagine designing online, it’s a tool that can take your projects to a whole new level.

There are several categories of templates, including: social media, marketing, school, and more. Students and professors alike are able to create worksheets and presentations that are vibrant, organized, and—most importantly—fun to create. While there is a Canva pro option that unlocks more effects and elements that you can add to your designs, the free options are also extensive, still allowing for a heightened quality of design. There is a notable difference between Canva pro and the free option, however: when adding elements to your designs, there are a limited amount of options that are locked for paying members only. However, you have the option of adding your own photos that can help you ensure the design you want is there, and if you want, going for the pro option is easy and efficient!

WITS frequently uses the Instagram post templates provided by Canva to ensure the dimensions of the content are correct and formatted well for the app. Canva allows you to either select a blank canvas or select one of their pre-designed templates, then add your personal touch to create a unique and professional final product. With a wide variety of fonts, design elements, and templates, Canva is a tool that you can use to elevate your skills and production quality to put your best work forward.