Can You Ever Have Too Many Screens? Razer doesn’t think so.

By: Bryce Swiggum



Many people use multiple monitor setups for work and recreation. These setups require a plethora of additional monitors that can take up space and require their own power cabling. Even with the rise of ultrawide monitors, it is hard to take your full setup with you when you travel, especially when traveling by plane when it can be hard enough to get your laptop in your carry on. To this issue, Razer has a potential solution that they showed off at CES 2017: Project Valerie.



Razer’s Project Valerie is the world’s first triple display monitor laptop. A 17.3-inch laptop that is the same thickness as most high-powered laptops but with two retractable panels that can flank the main display. At CES the prototypes were fitted with 3 IPS 4K (3840 x 2160) panels, giving it an effective resolution of 11520 x 2160. Project Valerie seemed to have no issue getting good frame rates in some AAA title games with its single GTX 1080 GPU. Hopefully, Razer will have access to more powerful GPUs when (if) this concept design ever makes it into production to provide better performance when running all three screens at 4K.


For those of you who might think that this is a little weird to take out into public or in the event that you want to actually use this on your lap, there is no need to worry. Razer has said that users will be able to use this product as a regular laptop and only use the main display with the secondary displays hidden away inside of the chassis of the laptop.


The ultimate question: should you consider buying one if it is brought to market? This is ultimately going to be a personal question that you will have to figure out for yourself, and one that I would not answer until after product reviews come out of a production model. Personally, I do hope that Razer, or another company like Alienware or Asus, does bring a product like this to the market but only time will tell.

CNETs Review At CES 2017: