Campus Printing

Connect your Computer to Campus Residence Hall Printers


  General Walk-Through


Go to Devices, then Printers.  Click Add Printer. Add by IP address. Enter the IP address from the which printer you are trying to use, found below. Confirm the printer selection. Print Test Page.


For a more detailed walk-through please select your Operating System: Windows 7Windows 8/10, or Mac.


BuildingIP Address
Townhouse A (Hueremann)
Townhouse B (Holder)
Townhouse C (Huge)
Townhouse D (Finnely)
Townhouse E (Unvert)
Suites 1st Floor10.20.1.200
Suites 2nd Floor10.20.1.201
Suites 3rd Floor10.20.1.202


Recycle your unwanted print jobs!


WITS are working on a way to save NWU printing costs and needs your help! Check out our Paper-Waste Initiative.


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