Alarmy – The World’s Most Annoying Alarm Clock

By: Evan Marshall


There’s not a single person who is innocent of sleeping through something at least once in their life. It happens. People get busy the night before and put off falling asleep and it comes back to haunt them in the morning. I remember freshman year of college not being able to wake up when I needed to for my 8 AM class and I have been looking for solutions to help me get up ever since.


Recently, my roommate showed me the solution that I was looking for, an app called Alarmy. Alarmy is different than other apps that I have used before. Other apps I tried simply just played a loud noise or tracked my sleep to know exactly when I needed to wake up in the morning. These are good to have, but neither of them really forced to me get up and start my day like I wanted. Alarmy is different. Alarmy will not let you hit the snooze button. It will play a pre-selected noise at your phone’s max volume. You can “Dismiss” it for a short time but it will come back in about 15 seconds forcing you to either dismiss the sound four times a minute or simply get out of bed.


What truly sets it apart, in my opinion, is that it forces you to choose an activity to complete when you wake up. You can choose to shake your phone for 30 seconds to get a burst of physical activity, you can choose to solve a difficult math problem to get your brain started, or you can do what me and my roommates do and make it scan a QR code in a selected place in your room, house, wherever. I personally have it set to my kitchen which forces me to go up a flight of stairs and get moving. It has really made getting up easier for me and helped jumpstart my day. I have been more productive before class, had more to time to eat breakfast, and been more alert throughout my morning.


Whether you are looking for a way to wake up for class or to have a more productive morning. I would highly recommend you to consider the Alarmy app.


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